Since high-quality medical services in Iran is cost-effective compared to many health providers, we have decided to take advantage of the existing quality, availability, and conditions to prepare an ideal set of medical services by experienced staff in the best-equipped medical centers of Iran at a reasonable price.

To provide better services to health tourists, part of the company's shares was allocated to Iran University of Medical Sciences, and also to facilitate lodging, touring, visa issues, in-house translators, etc... for patients and their companions, the tourism department of the Group known as Ermatour brand, is ready to provide services to the customers.

Erma Group, having gained valuable experience over the years in providing services to patients and foreign clients, intends to provide you with a memorable stay while maintaining its quality and improving its capabilities in facilitating communication with patients and their families.

For the field of medicine, Erma Group services firstly include expert surgical operations such as heart surgery, cancer therapy, bone marrow, liver and kidney transplantation, eye surgery, and infertility treatments, secondly cosmetic surgery services such as liposuction, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgeries), abdominoplasty (removal of excess abdominal fat), as well as therapeutic measures such as speech therapy, behavioral therapy and so on.

In addition to medical services, Ermateb Group also provides post-treatment and additional services, some of which are mentioned below:

• Specialized laboratory for all test types

• Physiotherapy and work therapy services

• Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, endoscopy, and such other services


Erma Group is proud to provide:

·       high-quality services

·       competitive pricing

·       variety of services

·       supporting team

·       nonstop presence with 5 active languages of the world in virtual networks:

·       Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube

·       experienced and professional teams for reception and supporting of the patients

·       continuous follow-up of the patient’s medical requirements during all stages of the treatment

·       peace of mind for the patient by eliminating any concerns based on lack of fluency in English or Persian language, with the presence of a native and capable translation team

·       on-call responsiveness

·       an information platform in many languages

·       access to specialists 24 hours a day


Ermateb has utilized the latest technology and has launched an application in the mentioned languages that will be released soon, allowing its audience to use the service more easily than before by installing and launching this application.

The headquarters of Erma Group is located in Iran University of Medical Sciences in the capital of Iran, Tehran.

Other ways to contact us is to communicate with our representatives based in Sweden, Iraq, Russia, Oman, Syria, Lebanon, Poland, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, and Pakistan who are ready to guide and respond to your questions. To contact our representatives, refer to the website in the Contact Us section, select the relevant person and stay in touch with them.


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