Dental extraction
Your tooth extraction will either be simple or surgical, depending on whether your tooth is visible or impacted.


ten to thirty minutes, depending on the tooth's individual characteristics.
A hole from a simple extraction of a small tooth with a single root usually takes about 7 days to close and heal. A hole from a simple extraction of a large tooth with several roots closes after 3 weeks, but complete healing and elimination of the hole may take several months.
bleeding infection
Your dentist may want to make sure all conditions are stable or treated before you undergo the tooth extraction. They might prescribe you antibiotics in the days leading up to the procedure if: your surgery is expected to be long you have an infection or a weakened immune system you have a specific medical condition. don’t eat or drink for six to eight hours before your appointment. Don’t smoke beforehand. Tell your dentist if you have a cold, as you may need to reschedule. Tell your dentist if you had nausea or vomiting the night before, which may require different anesthesia or rescheduling. If you’re receiving general anesthesia, have someone with you to drive you home.
a congenital heart defect diabetes liver disease thyroid disease renal disease hypertension an artificial joint damaged heart valves adrenal disease an impaired immune system
absorbent gauze, hemostatic packing material (oxidized cellulose, collagen sponge), and suture kit


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