Dental Bridges
A person may need a bridge if: a tooth is so decayed that it falls out, or a dentist removes it an accident or injury damages a tooth beyond repair decay or infection is so deep within a tooth that neither a filling nor a root canal are sufficient


dental bridge treatment requires at least two visits for the process. The time taken will be an hour to two hours
adjusting to a new dental bridge only takes about two weeks
Bridge failure Pain or chewing problems Infection Tooth decay
A person’s mouth may feel tender and sore after a dentist grinds down the teeth. It may also feel sore after placing the bridge. The gums may be tender and bleed. For most people, this soreness goes away after a few days. However, the gums may need a few weeks to completely heal from the procedure. A person can return to work or school as soon as they feel well enough. People who choose to be numb during the bridge placement should not drive after the procedure.
porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, gold and acrylic


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